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The trick starts with a straight flight down, a pancake-to-fade, a backspin rotation, again a pancake-to-fade, a backspin rotation (in the opposite direction from the first), again a pancake-to-fade, another backspin rotation (in the same direction as the first). OUT is free from the last Fade position, as long as it is deliberate. 5 rotations for an EXCELLENT score.

Key elements :

Same speed throughout this trick, no pause between parts, flat backspin rotations, flic-flac in a vertical line, no drifting sideways, 3 visible rotations, deliberate OUT.

Judges view:

3 flat rotations minimum. No sideways sliding. The kite should rotate nicely, be it vertical or horizontal. OUT will be the pilots action, not the kite dropping out of it. 5 rotations for EXCELLENT.

Most common errors:

Not seen, so far  ;-)


The videos:

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