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Coin Toss


The COIN TOSS is a ground trick in which the kite balances on one wingtip and then executes a HALF AXEL with the top wing and comes to rest on the opposite wingtip, where it must remain for at least two seconds.

Key elements:

Quick landing after the rotation. Stability of the kite on either wingtip. Held for minimum two seconds on final wingtip. Imposed trick: 2 seconds tipstand before and after the rotation. Ballet: 1 second before and after the rotation.

Judges view:

Imposed trick: after the IN, the tipstand should be held 2 seconds. For EXCELLENT the kite should be held in the tipstand after the rotation for 5 seconds. In the ballet, 1 second of stability will be enough. The kite should be landed on the second tip real quick.

Most common errors:

Unstability, too short holding either tipstand, running forward to land the kite after the rotation.


From 2024 unwards, with the imposed tricks, the Coin Toss starts with a Spike! In the SPIKE, one wingtip of the kite is driven decisively into the ground. The trick is entered from a vertical line down. the tipstand should be held 2 seconds. 

The videos show some nice Coin Tosses:

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

'ResponsiveMedia' plugin by Geoff Hayward.

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